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Privacy Policy

This is not just a privacy policy, it is my declaration of principles. As responsible for this website, I want to offer the greatest legal guarantees regarding your privacy and explanation with the mayor clarity and transparency possible, all that concerns the treatment of personal information within this website. This Privacy Policy is valid only for personal data obtained on the Website, it is not applicable to information collected by third parties on other websites, even if they are linked by the Website. The following conditions are binding for the user and for the person responsible for this web, so it is important that they take a few minutes to read it and if they do not agree with this, do not send your personal data on this website.

Sending and recording of general data
The sending of personal data in this website is obligatory to contact, comment, subscribe to the blog wilsonrojasa.blogspot.pe, hire the services exposed in this website and acquire the books in digital format.
Likewise, failing to provide personal data requested or not accepting this data protection policy implies the impossibility of subscribing to content and processing the requests made on this website. It is not necessary that you provide any personal data for browsing this website.

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